What jobs can you get with a psychology degree?

There are many different potential careers for someone who has a bachelor’s degree in psychology. There is a common misconception that you need to get a masters degree or a doctorate degree to become a successful psychologist. However, oftentimes there are other ways to further your education without going back to a university. One option is to specialize in a certain field by getting a certification. There are many certifications you can receive by taking courses online.

When looking into taking a course to receive your Behavioral Health Case Management Certification or your Behavioral Health Technician Certification, you’re probably wondering how these options could advance your career. This article will help you understand how you could use this newfound knowledge and what jobs require these certifications.

Potential Job Options

  • Applied Behavior Analysis Technician
    • In this role, you would provide one-on-one therapy services to clients with autism. You would assist these individuals with daily tasks, socialization skills, community orientation, and vocational exploration.
  • Substance Abuse Case Manager
    • In this role, you would assist individuals with significant substance use and co-occurring disorders in obtaining a higher quality of life by providing clinical services and education. 
  • Behavior Analyst
    • In this role, you would meet with patients and perform diagnostic assessments. Then, you would work with families to ensure patients continue to receive the medical attention that they need.
  • Mental Health Technician
    • In this role, you would help provide services to people who experience serious mental illness. You would provide group and/or individual training on topics such as social skills, coping skills, and self-management.
  • Behavioral Therapist
    • In this role, you would assess, evaluate, and document the psychosocial needs of the patient and formulate a plan of care based on this clinical assessment.
  • Early Childhood Behavioral Interventionist
    • In this role, you would provide play-based applied behavior analysis therapy to clients in their home, community, school, or clinic. You will perform a clinical assessment on the clients, and create a plan of care based on the evaluation.
  • Counselor
    • In this role, you will conduct comprehensive meetings with clients to assess needs for supportive services and resources. You will also develop and maintain client relationships.

For each of these positions, it is beneficial to obtain a Behavioral Health Case Management Certification or a Behavioral Health Technician Certification. These certifications will help you further your knowledge on the topics of behavioral health and mental health, which will ultimately enrich the day-to-day functionalities of your job.

Where to get your certifications

Amalia’s Community Behavioral Management offers two programs to help you successfully obtain the certifications that you need in order to further your career.

For your Behavioral Health Technician certification, we offer a program online. The program includes 30 hours of content-specific training, broken up in these sections:

For your Behavioral Health Case Management certification, we offer a program online for $250. The program includes 50 hours of content-specific training broken up into five main sections:

– Engagement & Assessment: 9 hours

– Service Planning & Development: 8 hours

– Coordination, Linkage, & Monitoring: 13 hours

– Documentation: 10 hours

– Professional, Legal, & Ethical Responsibilities: 10 hours

Check out our website to get more information on these courses and how they can benefit your career.