Tips to help you pass the Florida Behavioral Health Case Management exam

In order to achieve the Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager Supervisor (CBHCMS), Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager (CBHCM), or Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager (CBHCM) credentials, you need to pass the Behavioral Health Case Management exam. 

Tips for Success

To successfully pass the exam, it is important to take time to study, complete a review course, and prepare for the test. Here’s a list of tips to help you pass the exam.

  • Manage your time
    • For this exam in particular, you’ll have a two-hour window of time to finish your test. Try to allocate an appropriate amount of time for each question so that you have time to finish the entire exam.
  • Use logic
    • If you have read a question multiple times and you still are unsure of the correct answer, try to rule out illogical answers. If this method doesn’t narrow it down enough, take an educated guess and move to the next question.
  • No trick questions
    • The Florida BHCM exam does not contain any trick questions. If a question seems to have tricky phrasing, re-read it carefully. Do your best to answer the question as it is presented. When there are two possible correct answers, but one happens less often than the other, choose the answer that is most likely to occur.
  • Stay positive
    • Avoid talking negatively about yourself and saying phrases like, “I’m going to fail,” or “I can’t do this.” When you think positive thoughts, you can help raise your confidence to succeed. Try to think phrases like, “I can pass this exam,” or “I’m going to do my best.”

Upon completion of the exam, you will receive your Behavioral Health Case Management Certification. This will open the door for new employment opportunities in the behavioral health and mental health fields. Some positions to consider are behavioral health manager, case manager, counselor, and more.

Resources to Prepare

At Amalia’s Community Behavior Management, we offer a Certified Behavioral Health Case Management program to help you prepare for the exam. Our course consists of 50 hours of content-specific training broken up into five main sections:

  • Engagement & Assessment: 9 hours
  • Service Planning & Development: 8 hours
  • Coordination, Linkage, & Monitoring: 13 hours
  • Documentation: 10 hours
  • Professional, Legal & Ethical Responsibilities: 10 hours

This course is only $250, and will prepare you to head into the exam with confidence. Taking this exam will help you expand your knowledge and grow your career. Learn more about this course and the certification on our website.